Are YOU a Covid STAR? [ Game Changer ]

Are YOU a Covid STAR? [ Game Changer ]
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11 May 2021 : Dear Friends, The entire of 2020 (starting Mar 2020) & 2021 has been a time best forgettable for many many. If i were to conduct a survey asking if one would like to roll back and restart : i am sure a minimum 98% would say : Yes, roll back this time and let’s start again. But Covid Stars would not.

Wouldn’t you? There was so much Uncertainty/ Pain/ Fear/ Anxiety & the long list goes on with a lot of negative attributes. Hold it there !! i have a new breed suited to this environment : called Covid Stars (also called Game Changers in common parlance )

Yes, they are MINORITY !! They definitely would not waste time turning the clock. When i witnessed these fellow human beings, my hair stood straight. They all look just like all of us. However,  their Response to the situation( vs most of us Reacting) made them Different !!

Before i share a short brief on each of them, i would like to list few qualities these Covid Stars (Game Changers) shared in common :

  1. They are Positive about Life : Positive Attitude
  2. They are ready to take up Challenges : Competitive
  3. They are Determined & Passionate about what they chose to do : Driven
  4. They are Vulnerable but ready to ACT : Action oriented
  5. If they Fail, they are quick to rise & TRY once again, till they succeed. : GROWTH Mindset

Now without much further ado, i will present these 4 Shining Covid STARS, and i am sure of one thing : If you watch them all, their Attitude & Mindset will definitely have a rub off on you. Go ahead, give a try, this could be your Miracle Moment !!

JVC Sreeram [ ]

I know Sreeram for 15+ years now. The shortest introduction  often give to friends about him : Forget sleeping, try yawning in his session !! His sessions on Leadership & Team Work used to be so engaging that one would not know when the clock turned an hour. In this episode you will see Sreeram narrate how he was amongst the first to respond to the Covid Challenge and turn it into an Opportunity to 1) Go LIVE on Zoom and organize several sessions on his favorite subjects ; Selling/ Leadership & more 2) Write a book & publish it in record time. All of this, i recall was done within 30. That is the level of Passion he brings to the table.  Am also sharing the link to his book which is available to buy on Amazon :

Link to the Book : No Reference Point

Amit Thadani [ ]

Prior to Pandemic, i did not knew Amit. After a hard fought 60+ days when the Flights to Dubai were resuming, i noticed many speaking about Amit on the group  in terms of Ticket prices, purchase, Modifications, transit stay etc. As someone who never used a Travel Agent in past 15 years, i did not see a need to avail his services. But, as an afterthought i gave it a try & finally flew back to Dubai on a ticket purchased through him. In summary, he is Positive & Passionate about life and making every day count, for as many. To know what all i learned about this fabulous Covid STAR, watch this video :

The Video :

Sayed Haris [ ]

His business looked doomed. He had little money left to survive. He never felt he would have to face a crisis, with a good educational institution running well in Kerala. However, Covid has in store for him a rude shock. I got to know him through one of the 1st steps he took to explore new avenues : joining a MASTERMIND group. Thereafter there was no stopping. He started offering most of his services via Zoom & Digital. He developed the skills of making some of the best created creatives to post on Status Messages and circulate in groups to enhance the reach of his services. It would be a sheer delight to hear to him while he shares his journey. You will sense these qualities : Positivity, Hope & Determination. Enjoy the pearls of wisdom coming right from him.

The Video :

Raja Pradeep [ ]

I had NO PLANs to create a 4th Covid STAR video. However, this mind boggling transformation in my backyard could not be missed. In FLAT 11 months, this gentleman achieved what remains to be a pipe dream for millions in India. The transformation which included losing 20+ KGs is worth listening in his own words. The Passion that he put into this effort, you will feel in this interview with him. Beware, you might go Hit the GYM at the end of watching the session. Enjoy this epic journey…

The Video :

What is STOPPING YOU from being the next COVID STAR??

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  1. Kiran Bawaskar

    Yes Nik & Ami Mr Amit Thadani with his team helps a lot of passengers Ordinary peoples from all categories from different different parts of world. He work remarkable in this pandemic Covid-19 period from the last 15months although there is no business still this team stands for people’s support. Hats off to Team Nik & Ami specially Amit his

    1. Kiran Varri

      I agree with you Kiran !! Hands down, Mr Amit has helped 100s(& many 1000s) of Covid crisis travellers with a kind heart & compassion. God bless him & his team 🙏 Best part, he is almost available 24/7. I admire him…He is my STAR !!

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